Author Yvette Bethel – “EQ Librium” Virtual Book Tour September 21 – October 22 2015 | The YP Publishing Virtual Book Tours

Author Yvette Bethel – “EQ Librium” Virtual Book Tour September 21 – October 22 2015



What if you could be three steps ahead Book Coverof the underhanded games people play at work?


Imagine for a moment going to work and feeling that YOU are in control, feeling productive,
everything feels easy,
and stress-free!
You find yourself actually enjoying your work! It does not matter whether you are a Manager, Entrepreneur, or Employee, you can successfully learn how to navigate the complexities of office drama by developing your E.Q. Librium.

E.Q. Librium

helps you to develop your ability to use your Emotional Quotient (EQ) to achieve self-regulation in emotionally charged situations. When you build your capacity to stabilize your emotions internally, you can better position yourself to achieve your career goals. The more you develop your skills to navigate your emotions, the more effective you will be at managing yourself, particularly when there are diverse personalities at play.


“This book is for you if you…”

  • Are an individual who wants to better position yourself for your career goals
  • Are a graduate who wants to differentiate yourself from other graduates
  • Are looking for a job or job promotion and want to interview well under pressure
  • Want to determine if a career is the right one for you
  • Are a HR Professional or CEO who wants practical strategies on how to improve employee engagement
  • Want to navigate difficult personalities
  • Are a manager who wants to improve employee morale and performance
  • Are a leader who needs to improve your leadership skills and communicate more effectively
  • Are a woman who is determined to thrive in a man’s world
  • Are an entrepreneur who has reached a plateau and wants to move forward


Order this life-changing career altering book today


About the Author


Yvette Bethel is a Fulbright scholar and author with more than 20 years of professional experience at a Fortune 500 company and 9 years as an independent consultant at Organizational Soul. She is an advanced Emotional Intelligence Practitioner within the Six Seconds network. Six Seconds is a global, non-profit organization with the sole purpose of introducing emotional intelligence to the world. Using emotional intelligence coaching, EQ assessments, emotional intelligence training and other tools,Yvette yvettebetheltestimonialhelps organizations to transform their cultures by helping them to build productive work relationships. In 2013 Yvette presented at the Nexus EQ conference held at Harvard University.
Bethel is a member of the Lyford Cay Scholarship Selection Committee, a member of the Special Olympics fundraising committee, freelance article writer and the author of E.Q. Librium: Unleash the Power of Your Emotional Intelligence; A Proven Path to Career Success, the award winning activity book, Getting to E.Q. Librium and the forthcoming book Interconnectivity, Flow and Balance: A Paradigm of Organizational Engagement. Bethel was a member of and volunteer with We the People. As a liaison between we the People and Six Seconds nonprofit organizations,she was one of the architects of a pilot that introduced emotional intelligence to public schools. The objective was to equip students with the tools they need to develop self-regulation skills in emotionally charged situations.
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Available at:

E.Q. Librium book
Organizational Soul Ltd
232 pages
ISBN: 978-0578083605

“I have read E.Q Librium. It is well written and easy to follow. I highly recommend this book to ambitious individuals who are struggling with mobilizing a following. Of course, it also serves as a fantastic review for anyone who considers her/ himself accomplished in the art of communication.”
—SotiJo, Staff Writer, The Los Angeles Post.


I have only so much time and money how do I know that this book will provide me with what I need?

What sets this book apart is that it provides proven, practical tools to help employees and leaders to be productive and happy. Another bonus is that it can help you propel your career along your most desired path. Yvette doesn’t stop there, she provides tools for a blended learning model which include an award winning activity book, Getting to EQ. Librium and an interactive emotional intelligence learning solution, The Games People Play at Work, that are sold separately.

Why do college and universities students need E.Q. Librium?

Yvette’s research found that students who are ill-equipped to successfully engage the emotional aspects of workplace interactions. The newcomers enter the workforce with ideals of teamwork, collaboration, and opportunities, but many of them encounter contaminated environments that draw them into a web of negativity and stasis. This book will prepare newly recruited college students to successfully navigate the emotional intricacies of diverse office relationships.


Learn over 50 real-life workplace scenarios leaders and employees will encounter.

This book includes
inspiring success stories, easy to understand solutions to difficult situations, inspirational quotes, and self-assessment questions.


Topics that will be discussed during the tour –

Don’t take it Personally
Emotional Intelligence for the New Female College Graduate
How Women in Business Can Use Emotional Intelligence
3 Tips for Mastering Emotions at Work


EQ Librium Tour Schedule Here


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Contest Winners Announced

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